Arms Is Light On Content But Overflowing With Fun

It’s pretty rare that Nintendo releases a game that isn’t part of an established franchise. Earlier this year, they put out 1 2 Switch, a minigame collection that I didn’t play, but before that, the last new IP out of Nintendo that I can think of is Splatoon. Despite not being something we were nostalgic for, Splatoon managed to win over fans with its unique take on the third-person shooter as well as its immediately endearing characters and setting. Was that a one time stroke of genius, or can Nintendo prove itself with another brand new world?  Continue reading

You Need to Play Doom

About a month ago, Star Fox Zero came out, and to it I asked what it meant to be a Star Fox game in 2016. And although I enjoyed the game a great deal, it didn’t really have an answer. It was just kind of, “I don’t know, how about just Star Fox 64 again?” Doom is in a very similar situation. Despite being one of the earliest and most fondly remembered first person shooters, the original Doom doesn’t really resemble a modern game in the slightest. Now that a new Doom is out, I asked it the same question. What does it mean to be a Doom game in 2016. Thankfully, it actually has an answer. Continue reading

Star Fox Zero is a spectacular video game, but maybe you should rent it first

The Star Fox franchise has been on a bit of a bumpy road for the last couple decades. The first two games in the series, Star Fox and Star Fox 64, are generally considered classics, however all the rest of the games aren’t looked upon as fondly. I’m a bit of an outsider to those opinions though, as there hasn’t been a single Star Fox game that I didn’t enjoy at least a little bit. That being said, even I will admit that none of the games quite captured the magic of Star Fox 64, a game that despite being only a couple hours long, dominated a large chunk of my childhood. Enter Star Fox Zero. Continue reading